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Ria Formosa Natural Park

Our proposal is a single visit to Portugal's most extensive lagoon ecosystem. The Ria Formosa Natural Park is a unique natural reserve due to its continuous changing nature. Weather phenomena like the continuous wind movement, water currents and tides, alter Ria Formosas's look in a steady pace.

A gift of nature with about 44,478 acres, which makes the transition between land and sea over 60 km from Algarve's leeward coast, between the peninsula Ancão (to the west) and the beach of Manta Rota (to the east).

This wetland of international recognized value is a priveleged habitat for fauna and flora. Flamingos, booted eagles, woodcocks and kingfishers are common birds around this area, but the park's symbol is the purple swamp hen, a rare species which exists in Portugal and nests exclusively in these lakes. Another important inhabitant of the estuary is the chameleon, an endangered species in Europe.

A universe that you can only discover through the hiking trails, or aboard a boat on one of the many trips available across Ria Formosa. The chance of visiting numerous places like the salting tanks from the Roman era, and then unveiling some of the secrets of the forest or even seeing an ancient recovered tide mill at Quinta de Marim, make this a wellworth visit.

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