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Photo tour option 3

Night landscape and full moon (night)



- Approaching the basic techniques of night photography, as well as the most common composition rules, giving participants the necessary tools to obtain higher quality photos.

- Enjoy the night landscape illuminated only by the moon, allowing the capture of landscapes at night.

Chronology: Made on specific dates, in the short space of days before and after the full moon, when the moon is bigger and brighter, making it easier to photograph the moon itself, as well as photograph the landscape, as it is illuminated by the moonlight. During this period one can also use the lightpainting techinique to enrich the experience of night photography.

  • 1st date - Between the 7th and 12th June
  • 2nd date - Between the 7th and 12th July
  • 3rd date - Between the 5th and 10th August
  • 4th date - Between the 4th and 9th September


Each session will last approximately 3 hours starting around 9pm.

Each participant should have:

Flashlight and/or headlamp;

Appropriate footwear;

Bottle of water or thermos with hot drink;

Camera that allows manual adjustments (shutter release advised);

Tripod for the camera.

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