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The market of Olhão is truly an amazing experience, starting with its traditional architecture presented in a four-water roof and four cylindrical glazed turrets with metallic domes. Inside, indulge in the appealing appearance of fruits, vegetables and nuts from the region. And it's almost impossible to leave without admiring the freshness of the recently caught fish. This Fish Market has been used as a space for cultural events in some ocasions. It is an ex-libris of the city.
Saturdays are more lively, welcoming people from the outskirts, most of them small producers, who set up their stalls outside the building ... In that moment you can really immerse yourself in Portuguese culture, as the haggling sounds loose throughout Ria Formosa's landscape, which stretches far into the islands and the sea.
The fishing boats supply the place on a daily basis, making it the most famous seeafood market in the Algarve.
One can also see a replica of the "Bom Sucesso" ship, which on July the 6th of 1808, with only 17 locals on board, went to Brazil to inform the Portuguese king that the French have finally been expeled from Portugal.


The Loulé Market had its opening on June the 27th of 1908. The building was built according to the 'Architect Alfredo Costa Campos Project' in Lisbon, although the same project has seen some changes in the meantime. Here you can find a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, diverse crafts, gourmet shops and cultural events. Venture into the breathtaking gypsy market and haggle for some prices.


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