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Castro Marim

On the right bank of the Guadiana, the town of Castro Marim is a plateau of many vestiges that prove its occupation by different people since ancient times. It was populated by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs. It was conquered from the Moors in 1242 and received charter in 1277. Being close to the river, the sea, the plains, the mountains and bordering Ayamonte, Castro Marim was for centuries an important Algarve war court.

Around the castle, built by King Afonso III, one can contemplate an immense landscape of traditional salt pans. The connection of Castro Marim to the salt activity is strong and undeniable, making it almost impossible to determine the precise date of its inception. The exploitation of this resource, along with fishing and agriculture, is part of this region's economy, greatly marking the local population's way of living.

Visiting the traditional salt pans is an excellent opportunity to discover the knowledge used for centuries in salt extraction, a perfect symbiosis between the work of man and the will of nature. The wisdom of the tireless salineiro, which preserves this art and all of the traditional instruments, offers the two top quality products, perfectly engraved in Castromarinense population.

Fo ages the people of Castro Marim have been used to live together with different people from the Mediterranean. With those people they exchanged all sorts of products and practices.Time has brought the knowledge to our doorstep through the artisans, living treasures and transmitters of the imaterial heritage of Castro Marim, preserving the memory of people and culture.

Visitors can also wave at some of the local women by their house's porches while they concentrate on doing intricate bobbin lace. You can get to know men which with the wise hands, weave baskets with straw and reed, cane leaves and palm tree and watch them in the exercise of their chores.

All these assets are combined with the natural landscape of the municipality of Castro Marim, a territory with many charms to discover, that will dazzle all those who visit it.

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